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At Baize Electric Solar Technologies, our focus is to help you customize an energy solution that's right for YOU. We are more than just a solar and electric company. We are your energy solution experts. In addition to helping people reduce energy costs with solar, we offer FREE energy audits. While many solar providers offer a one-size-fits-all approach, we pride ourselves in providing a thorough assessment of your needs during our audit. After identifying inefficiencies in your home or business, we will work together to create an affordable, customized solution whether it's solar, LED lighting, a smart home system, or other energy solution. Our focus is to do what's best for you. For some that means more immediate savings and cash in hand,  and for others that's  a greater return on your investment in the long run. Whatever your focus is, we have a wide range of products and financing options to meet your needs.

  • Financing options with rates as low as 2.99%​​

  • Purchase and PPA options available

  • Backed by the top brands and a 25 year labor warranty 

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Meet the Team


Paul Baize

Chief Executive Officer

Ph: 661.322.7500 


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Adam Roberts

Director of Energy Solutions

Ph: 661.473.1013


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Jamie Trent

Vice President of Sales

Ph: 310.383.1747


Zach Fain

Director of Operations

Ph: 661.855.5516


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